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United with all the christian community, we present the Lord with our fears and our needs,

* So that christians may be the ferment of a new society, envigorised by the word of God to drive us to happiness and to a better life for all our brothers.

Free us, Lord,

* for our families, so that we all live more united and cheerful, helping each other, knowing we are all sons of our Father God.

Free us, Lord,

* So that we may learn how to present the liberating message of Jesus, with cheerfulness and energy, knowing that God accompanies us in the task and will always be with us up to the end of time...

Free us, Lord,

* So that the Church may be a place of welcome, warmth, acceptance and encouragement for all those with difficulties in their lives.

Free us, Lord,

* So that we go out into life beefed up by this eucharist and ready to help everyone to improve the world.

Free us, Lord,

Lord, receive our intentions and make us yours every day, increasingly brotherly and reformist, since that is the plan you have for us as a christian community. Amen.


Mari Patxi Ayerra

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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