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Holy Father, we are very pleased

to show you our admiration and thanks

for the indescribable wonders of your creation.

We specially want to thank you

for the fact that we can know you and love you,

and be conscious of your presence in us.

But your marvellous project for humanity

is a long way from our daily reality.

Although we are embarassed to recognise

such a waste of capabilities,,

there is still time to be hopeful,

for the hope you have placed within us.

You still trust in our personal efforts,

in our wish to achieve better results.

The time has come for us to believe

we can improve

and overcome our egoism.

Bearing in mind this desire for improvement, we raise to you this chant of praise.


Memorial of the Lord's Supper


We cannot forget, our God and Father

that the basis of christian hope

is due to the presence of your son Jesus in our history.

We heartily thank you for the great privilege

of knowing Jesus, of counting with his example

and knowing, through him, about your project of the Kingdom,

a world where justice and friendship are paramount.

With hopeful anticipation we dedicate ourselves to this great mission

and we declare ourselves to be followers of Jesus and his message,

conscious of the great responsibility we are undertaking.


Invocation to the Spirit of God


Advent is a time for germination.

Help us to honour this moment of good hope,

and trust in the prompt arrival of a new humanity,

a more human, sensible and adult generation,

imbued with a spirit of cordiality,

one that demonstrates how to live in fraternal and collaborative communion.

Convince us that the time has come for reconciliation

with mother earth and nature,

for giving birth to a new world worth being called your Kingdom.

Convince us that our own hope is nurtured

by sharing our hope with others, especially with those in despair. .

Transform in us the dream and hope that inspired Jesus,

to create a reality of happiness for everyone in this world.

We celebrate with Jesus the utopia of your kingdom.


Rafael Calvo

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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