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- Mister God, tell me, do Buddhists go to heaven?

- Of course, my child.

- And the Taoists?

- They also, my child.

- The Muslims and the Animists, do they go also to heaven?

- Sure, my child.

- Tell me, the Atheists, the Marxists and the big sinners, you receive them all in your heaven also?

- In my heaven, I welcome everybody, my child.

- Then, what the use to be a Christian?

- It helps to understand that Good news, to rejoice about it and to proclaim it all over, my child.

- Goodness me! Everybody will do what he wants and it will be chaos on earth!

- Bu the earth is already in chaos, my child. Believe in the Good news that I am telling you and things will never be worse.


 Eloy Roy

Translated from the French by Jacques Bourdages

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