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The shackles of Egypt are broken. Prisons are going empty. Pharaoh is going under. The enslaved people are raising their head and charging ahead towards freedom. They shout with joy. It is the Passover!

The Christian Passover takes up the Jewish Passover and carries it to extremes. All sufferings, all deaths and even nothingness are swallowed up in the tomb of Jesus while from the root of matter and from all broken flesh rises in silence the luminous freshness of a new Creation. Jesus is risen and the world is saved.

And yet, day after day, the most beautiful hopes are being slaughtered. Caiaphas, Herod, Pilate and Judas keep on ruling as masters on the Earth. The great Reality which guides us and helps us to live is not the light of a world transfigured by the Resurrection, but the Market.

The Market is not only a hand but also an invisible face; it is almighty and present everywhere. It gives us life and kills us. It watches us even under our beds. It decides what we must put in our plates. It dictates our fashions, our priorities and our laws. It is supreme. It decides about everything. It is the Market that decides what has value and what is not valuable. It covers the whole world and masters our spirits. It is the beginning and the end of History, the conqueror of the skies; it is our savior and our god. The Market is the unbelievable, the transcendental, the unique Reality. No more space for the Prophecy.

Still, the resurrection is the great Prophecy of the whole History.

Prophecy is a brief moment of light where time and space are abolished so as to allow us to catch in the depths of our innermost being a glimpse of the ultimate Reality of what we are and of what we are becoming, as if the Earth parted herself a little to show us the fire which she keeps hidden in her belly, and by doing so, unveiled to us that we are born of the Sun.

Who could have told?

The resurrection is the prophecy put up like a lighthouse in the fog and tumults of our lives. It is the invisible energy which crosses the universe and barges into the human being to keep him alert and to propel him towards his own greatness. It brings him to meet what is coming and to what is to come.

Easter is tolling the knell for our loosening up and deals a hard blow to our false gods like the all-powerful Market, the alienating Religion and the tyranny of the blind and stubborn Ego.

Easter is the ice that is going away and life which is coming back; it is the end of winter ant the coming of spring.

At Easter, under our stormy skies, the Magnificat and the Beatitudes are winning. The tip of Death's spear is broken. From now on, Life bursts out into gerbes of fire from the hands that were nailed on a cross.

There stands the future!


Eloy Roy

Translated from the French by Jacques Bourdages.

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