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It's our duty to always give you thanks, Father God

but we do this sincerely, like well brought up children,

because we owe you our lives.

We should bend over backwards to serve you

and not show weakness in building

a truly happy world.

We have so much to learn from you, we would like to imitate you

and overcome our egoism

and our ambition to dominate others.

Help us to substitute these desires for power

by a passion for service.

Now we bless your holy name,

Fath God, God Father,

with this simple hymn of glory and praise.


Memorial of the Lord's Supper

Thank you, holy Father, for your son Jesus,

your incarnation in our flesh,

because by listening to his word

we begin to understand what you want of us

and by admiring his life we can get to know you better.

Jesus has taught us that happiness is won

by serving others,

by really helping them and solving their problems.

He has told us that you are present in the poor and destitute,

and to help them and look after them

is the only way to serve and love You.

We have to recognise, Father,

our lack of real energy,

because this message of Jesus is not new to us,

and although we think it admirable

we haven't yet decided to break the inertia of our egoism.

It would be great if the example of your son Jesus,

moved us to become really generous and diligent.


Invocation to the Spirit of God

We call to mind Jesus's life,

his complete dedication to the service of others,

the way he shared himself like broken bread for others

and by being a faithful messenger of your Kingdom

he shed his blood on the cross.

For all that, blessed be Jesus, your son and our brother.

Fill us with your Spirit, holy Father,

so that we may assume,

Jesus's hierarchy of values.

May we opt to serve and not to impose ourselves on others,

may we give precedence to dialogue over violence,

and the community, friendship and the family

over our individualistic tendencies,

may we be owners of ourselves

and not be dominated by money,

may we search for truth

and then may we be faithful.

Father, inspire this community

and all the christian churches

so that we may give a vibrant testimony to the values of your Kingdom

and may all humanity respect and bless your name.

Through Jesus, who serves as our model and guide,

we raise this prayer in your honour.



Rafael Calvo

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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