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They will suppress dialogue in the name of truth;

then they will suppress truth.


They will suppress liberty in the name of responsibility;

and afterwards they will suppress responsibility.


They will suppress charity in the name of justice;

and then they will suppress justice.


They will suppress honesty in the name of efficiency;

and afterwards they will suppress efficiency.


They will suppress democracy in the name of the common good;

and then they will suppress the common good.


They will suppress faith in the name of science

and afterwards they will suppress science.


They will suppress conscience in the name of reason;

afterwards they will suppress reason;


They will suppress rights in the name of order;

then they will suppress order;


They will suppress peace in the name of revolution;

then they will suppress the revolution.


They will suppress utopia in the name of projects;

then they will suppress projects.


They will suppress criticism in the name of respect;

then they will suppress respect.


They will suppress love in the name of dignity,

and then suppress dignity.


They will suppress ethics in the name of aesthetics

and then suppress aesthetics.


They will suppress tolerance in the name of citizenship

and then suppress citizenship.


They will suppress the prophet in the name of stability

and then suppress stability.


They will suppress the welfare state

to give way for a much better society which will never arrive...


And in the name of nothing, they will suppress human beings,

...the child, the neighbour, the citizen,

the inmigrant, the weak, and we ourselves...,

and they will drown our world in an ocean of violence,

our towns,

our houses,

our entrails,


But above all the chaos,

your Spirit will flutter,

and your creative and liberating word

will fill us with hope and identity.


Florentino Ulibarri

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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