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We assume a social,

fiscal and citizen profile

which is both religious and professional

and we boast of our unblemished personal ethics,

because we consider we are just;

but there's something wrong,

because we can't feel satisfied

and look for ways to justify ourselves to others,

to you, Lord

and to ourselves as well.


We no longer climb the steps of the temple to pray,

nor do we believe in destiny

nor do we fear your the might of your arm,

and we don't pay any attention to ecclesiastical oracles,

but although, sometimes, we look for silence,

serenity, peace, our innermost being,

we don't dare to enter

into ourselves

or to discuss our situation with others.


We continue, as always, to look for

the best places,

triumphs and success in everything we do,

be at the centre of activity,

have it all under control,

never lose what we have acquired

and have a ready answer

that justifies our status;

but we don't find what we need,

and we rebel.


Our petition,

even though it expresses the truth,

still remains a farce,

the farce of someone who hides when they come out into the open,

because they want to shine

and hide their weaknesses.


It's useless to make new gestures,

speak fine words and shed our skins,

if our hearts are not with it

and remain frigid and uninterested.


You know what we're like,

weaklings and sinners,

rather than arrogant pharisees!


Florentino Ulibarri

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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