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the paths of life

are full of surprises,

and especially if we go outside the limits

following your footprints...

for although we try and hide them,

sooner or later,

those who are condemned,

by our laws and customs,

to be invisible,

become apparent for all to see.


And it doesn't matter much,

if they are lepers and samaritans,

or immigrants, blacks, undocumented people,

the cronically sick, the unemployed,

women, children, old people,

the nobodies...,

those who go out to meet us

and shout their needs.


They are, whether we like it or not,

human beings like us

with the same dignity and rights...

Give us your eyes,

your heart,

your entrails,

your empathy

and a more awakened compassion...

And free us

from asking and demanding them

what doesn't dignify them:

that they strictly

comply with our laws.


Help us, Lord,

to follow your footsteps,

and allow us to get well

so we can heal our brothers...


And if our thanks gush out,

may it be from our innermost being:




like the Samaritan leper.


Florentino Ulibarri

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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