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Like the first disciples

we dare to say "increase our faith",

since today we feel out of sorts

with our inspiration deadened

even though we are celebrating the year of faith

and the golden anniversary of the Council

which brought the springtime of your kingdom.


Shake us up, like a baby with a rattle,

so that our faith wakes up and flowers

and becomes like that little mustard seed

which breaks open and grows far higher than other plants;

or dissolve us, like the way salt dissolves

to provide seasoning and thus discovers its usefulness,

by giving itself and disappearing.


In this way, we will tear down the mountains,

jump over the walls that imprison us,

neither laws nor calculations will be able to hold us,

and we will discover the value of little things,

we will follow your steps and your footprints,

we will retain the hope that keeps us going

and the light you give us shall shine on the horizon.


In the present times,

so marked by frivolity and power,

and in which words have lost their meaning,

facts their truth,

and many people have lost their dignity,

make us servants of your desires

by doing what we have to do.


We, Lord, want to follow you,

and being conscious of this moment

and although these decisions are out of fashion

we desire a grown up faith

which gives us cheerfulness and strength

to share your life and your footprints

with an evangelical attitude.


Give us faith, a little faith,

enough to follow you,

through the paths of history,

which lead on before us

or that we can discover,

so we don't get lost and can be happy

together with you and all our brothers!


"Everything is possible for the person who believes"

Engrave on our hearts with your flesh and blood,

this good and surprising news,

that becomes a flame to enlighten and burn us,

so that in our weakness we become strong

and we know how to announce it in your banquet

and wherever you send us.


I believe, Lord, but increase my faith!

We believe, Lord, but increase our faith!

Florentino Ulibarri

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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