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I could continue in this way,

more or less in the same way as now,

keeping a prudent balance,

justifying my options and decisions,

saying yes even if only halfheartedly...

But I can also be ... a disciple.


More than ever I want to be master

of my actions, footsteps and life,

not renounce the liberty I have achieved,

give myself with affection to my own ones,

and have that serene peace of a duty well done...

But I can also be ... a disciple.


I can carry my cross, and perhaps yours also

I can also complicate my life

and complicate the lives of others with boldness,

tell them about your good news

and sow new utopias...


But I can also be ... a disciple.

I can desire new proyects,

both lively and solidly constructed

for a more humane and collaborative future;

I want to work, be effective,

hit the nail on the head, succeed...

But I can also be ... a disciple.


I am capable of stopping and thinking,

of listening, contrasting and discerning;

sometimes, I take refuge in what is sensible,

other times, I make joyful proclamations

and I appear to break moulds and models...

But I can also be ... a disciple.


I can amuse myself with good things,

give thanks, day by day, for my task, my good luck,

my friends, my studies,

my healthy and useful life;

I can build towers and bridges...

But I can also be ... a disciple.


I don't always finish what I start;

at other times I take risks, and don't hit the mark,

or I stop advancing and try and keep my balance;

I like to leave my doors open, just in case,

and my appointments book with empty hours...

But I can also be ... a disciple.


Florentino Ulibarri

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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