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too many questions,

doubts and obscurities,

sometimes, too many blows,

wounds and pain,

to prevent protesting.


I'm like that, you knew,

I grumble, I get cross,

I complain, I insult you,

I accuse you of being ambiguous and cheating,

and I stand against you without first criticising myself.

but I work.


And you, you don't rebel

nor do you break the ties

of seduction and love.

I don't know if you laugh,

you tolerate us

or you are completely merciful.


Perhaps you like our liberty,

our freshness and rebellion.

Perhaps you fear more the silence

and the lack of communication of your children

and our questionings

and impertinences.


I know this is not a contest

although it looks like one

because everything takes place

in this house of mine

which is yours,

in our kitchen garden and cellar.


Lord, our path of life

is like a longbow

when it is tensioned:

the two extremes of what we are

and what we demonstrate

draw so near together that they touch.


When closest together are

rebelliousness and confidence,

protest and obedience,

laxity and silence,

shouts and embraces,

negation and acceptance...

faster shoots the arrow

of our intimate desires,

warm and lively,

leaving dark glens,

towards the promised land,

or the breast of the person who welcomes.


And after so many troubles,

complaints and protests,

or in the midst of them,

the only reply we discover

is that already tatooed in history

and in your Good News:

"Stop worrying,

you only need one thing

in this crossing:

Enjoy the trip and the company.

So, choose the best part".


Florentino Ulibarri

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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