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It is our duty to offer you our most sincere thanks

for being able to address ourselves to You as our Father,

with all the confidence and love of sons.

We are, every da, more conscious that we have take care of

our communication with you. good Father,

and take our rest in your presence, alone,

and in the silence of words,

feel you are with us, giving us life,

and filling us with an interior peace and strength

to face our problems

and take care of the problems of others.

Our Father who dwells in us and wants us,

united to all men of goodwill,

whatever their beliefs,

we want to bless your name

and show you our gratitude.


Memorial of the Lord's Supper


Thank you, once more, holy Father, for the example of Jesus.

We remember how Jesus combined

prayer with his hard work as a travelling missionary,

always ready to help people who needed him.

We are sure he lived all his youth in prayer

and that is how he could love and develope

his innovating message.  You inspired him.

He taught us to pray with simple words,

with the heart.


Invocation to the Spirit of God


Following the model of prayer that Jesus left us,

we ask you, our Father,

to make your real presence felt in ourselves.

Fill us with the force of your spirit,

that we may never cease to praise your holy name,

whilst being conscious that the only way to thank you

is making a reality your project for this world,

in the intimacy of a bedroom, with the door closed,

far from the ostentation of a rite only for the gallery.

You inspired us to change our ideas and feelings.

You encouraged us to help each other.

And you sent us to preach this good news to all the world,

to bear witness that we believe in You.

Help us to realise your will in every circumstance.

We promise to share with equity with everyone

the bread and water you have given us.

We want to know how to pardon with all our heart

all those who might have offended us.  Give us your peace.

May your peace envelope all human beings

and may we learn to live together and understand each other.

Once more, we propose to struggle each day

to overcome our contradictions,

to do good all the time and reject evil.

We count on your help, that we asked for

in the name of your son Jesus, our friend and brother.



Rafael Calvo

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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