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We address you, Father God, this humble prayer,

in the name of our community, to thank you for

everything you have done for each of us.

We don't want go back to using

those old incorrect images of You,

where they make you distant, controlling, a rigid judge,

who always favours a chosen people.

We are ashamed to continue making you guilty

of all the evil we suffer.

We proclaim you are a good God,

that you love us all equally

and we believe you need us

to rid the world of all its wrongs.

We mustn't ask you for miracles, as you are not a God for supplications,

peoples' problems are our problems.

Blessed is your name, Lord.

Thank you for life,

thank you for living in all human beings.

Our souls fill with joy to sing this hymn of glory in your honour.


Memorial of the Lord's Supper

Thank you, once more, Father

for having shown yourself in Jesus of Nazareth,

who passed through this world doing good

and doing it very well.

He is your human incarnation,

and thus, knowing him, we know You,

following him, we make a common cause with you

for the implantation of your Kingdom.

We assume a strong obligation of imitating him,

although it is a difficult task for us.

We see Jesus always freeing from their fetters

those who draw near to him,

helping the most needy,

taking a great interest in the poor and oppressed,

living together with everyone, without any exception of persons,

valuing the hearts of those who approach him,

preaching that men and women are more important than

rules and traditions.

Jesus did not give way to threats

and followed ahead with his mission.


Invocation to the Spirit of God

This is the best testimony of the life of Jesus.

Send us your Spirit, Father, to be able to live like him.

We have filled this world with calamities,

we have to accept the fact,

our first duty is to open our eyes

and not look away.

We make ghettoes for the deprived people,

when we don't expel them from our country.

Nearby and far away, everywhere,

many of our brothers are suffering hunger.

We cannot feel content, our God and Father,

by praying to you every sunday.

We must support peace and understanding

where there is conflict and war,

we must create happiness and sow hope,

solving real problems

of those who suffer injustice and poverty.

Make our souls be moved

so that from within we are obliged to help them.

We thank you, Lord,

because you inspire and motivate many good people

who campaign for your Kingdom in parishes, missions and NGOs.

Help them, so they do not feel tired and and carry on.

Together with the great universal community

which desires and waits for a more just and cooperative world,

we raise this toast in the hope of making it possible between us.

Through Jesus, your son and our brother.



Rafael Calvo

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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