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May you be blessed

for so many good and simple people

who live and walk alongside us

making you present every day

with the friendly face of a father and mother.


May you be blessed

for those who love us sincerely

and freely offer us all they have

and open up the gates of their friendship

without judging us or asking us to change.


May you be blessed

for the people who are contagiously nice

and sow hope and serenity

even in the moments of crisis and bitterness

that assault us thoughout our lives.


May you be blessed

for those who believe in a new world

here, now, in this time and earth,

and dream about it and are not ashamed of it

and drive us so that everyone sees it.


May you be blessed,

by those who love and show their love

and do not calculate their gift to others,

for those who grant the longing to live

and share even what they need.


May you be blessed,

for the people who distill joy and peace

and make us think and walk,

and for those who dedicate themselves to work

to make others happy.


May you be blessed

for the people who have suffered and still suffer

and believe that violence does not open horizons,

for those who try to overcome their bitterness

and do not keep to the goals they have achieved.


May you be blessed

for those who look after us

and bear the load of our failures

and occupy themselves with ensuring we do not die

in the midst of this crisis and its scourges.


May you be blessed

for so many and such good samaritans

who stop over from their business trips

to step by our side and cure us

and treat us like citizens, even like brothers.


May you be blessed

for having come to meet us

and for having made us your dear sons,

and that we may count on you and on so many brothers

in spite of our clumsiness and pride.


Florentino Ulibarri

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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