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Walk through life

carrying your message and good news;

walk unbowed

in spite of the rigours of the way;

walk straight ahead

without any fear of storms and hurricanes;

walk calmly

even though there are hidden wolves.


Go without a bag;

to travel light;

without coins

so they don't crease your soul;

without luggage,

just a gown and sandals;

but full of daring

and delivered peace.


Slow down

and rest from worries and afflictions;

greet and dialogue

each day with those who come and go;

enter the houses

and share food and hearts;

wash off the dust

and heal your scars.


And in the early morning,

go out again to the ways and squares,

meet up with people

and embrace with tenderness

those who pass by;

and thank the way and its stories


traditions and surprises...


Every day,

walking through life,

protected by your mantle and shadow

I feel myself more a son,

more a disciple, more a messenger,


more full of joy,

more changed.


And on the way back, very happy

to tell you about my adventure


Florentino Ulibarri

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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