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We present to God, together with everything we carry in our hearts, the petitions of so many men and women who search for and need freedom.

• For all those of us who want to follow Jesus, so that our gestures, words and actions may always provide a path to freedom and wellbeing for all those who surround us.

Grant us, Father, your freedom.

• For all those who have the responsibility of educating our children and young people, so that they may know how to awaken in them the lifestyle of Jesus.

Grant us, Father, your freedom.

• For all those who occupy managerial positions in the institutions, so that they dedicate their work in the interests of the people, to achieve the freedom and wellbeing of the most downtrodden.

Grant us, Father, your freedom.

• For the Church, so that it may be an open house, a place of welcome and love for everyone.

Grant us, Father, your freedom.

Listen, God, to our petitions and grant us the gifts of your strength and your love so that together we may become a sign of your nearby liberating presence amongst us.


Vicky Irigaray

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