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We thank you, our God and Father

for being a close and friendly God, a Father God,

that doesn't want to be feared but loved,

that doesn't threaten punishments but is a pure promise,

a God who is life and who embraces us both now and forever.

Therefore it is both reasonable and important

that our hearts overflow with happiness

when we think continuously about You,

and that our prayer

may be a constant heartfelt thanksgiving.

Today, like all the other days of our life,

we give you thanks and we bless you

with this hymn of glory.


Memorial of the Lord's Supper

Thank you, Father, for giving us Jesus,

we don't have better words to express our thanks.

Thank you, Father. Jesus is everuthing for us

and he has taught us a new scale of values.

He only looked at peoples' hearts

and he never took into account their social or religious status.

He taught us every day that for him,

there were not persons of greater or lesser degree

and that we are all equal before God

and no one can be excluded from society.

He insisted with us again and again

that we cannot forget about those brothers

whom, first, we have empoverished

and, afterwards, separated and marginalised.

And, at the end of his life, he moulded these ideas in a sign

and invited us to celebrate a meal of brotherhood.


Invocation to the Spirit of God

Remembering the whole life of Jesus,

how he supported with fortitude his death on the cross,

and how you welcomed him finally in your arms as a son,

we ask you, holy Father, to send us your Spirit

so that we who form this community here together

may know how to place our grain of sand

in the construction of your Kingdom.

Banish from our life, Father God,

pride, envy, anger and all evil,

and help us to be good, simple, accesible, sincere.

We want to be friendly, understanding and collaborative.

Nobody, in our community,

must feel marginalised or inferior.

We want to make happy all those who surround us

and also those who live far away but who need us.

Following now the model of Jesus's prayer,

we are going to bless your name, holy God and our Father,

and to desire that your plan for this world may become a reality,

we are going to promise our best will

so that bread and water are shared equally

and we may know how to forgive each other and live in peace.

We ask for the strength of your spirit to fight each day

to do good and remove evil from our lives.

We trust in You, do not let go of our hand, Father God.



Rafael Calvo

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