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When I entered your house,

you didn't offer me water to wash my feet;

whilst she, watered me

with her tears

and dried them with her long hair.


You did not kiss me,

but she has not stopped kissing me

since I came in the door.


You did not anoint my head

whereas, she has sprinkled even my feet

with an expensive perfume.


And if we discuss other things...


You invited me

but you left me on my own;

she invited herself

and has accompanied me.


You looked at me askance;

she, with tenderness and overflowing love

through her wet weeping eyes.


You, deep inside you, murmured unceasingly

against her and me

she has loved me as she knows how

and I like being loved.


You have been parsimonious

and even crafty;

she, thankful

with her human gestures.


You were scandalised;

She has recovered her lost dignity

and has been saved...


The banquet has ended.

Don't be surprised,

God wants new people.


Florentino Ulibarri

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