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I would not mind if he came from an obscure corner of the planet or if he spoke a dialect or were 30 years old only. Yet, I wish that the fire of the Spirit may have etched in his guts that the liberation of the poor, of the oppressed and of the outcast is at the heart of all that God wants for humanity.

That we may often hear him speak about justice and freedom as well as about love and peace, that he may not be fanatical nor directive, but have the sense of humor, be joyful, creative and daring, that he would say no to monarchy and would not reside in a palace, and that he would throw into the dustbin the last fashionable garments of the Roman Empire, dress like the simple of mortals and transform his embassies throughout the world into centers for the promotion of the Rights of persons and of collectivities.

That he may stand at some distance from the cameras and politely invite the people behind them to take pictures of the faces of the unforgotten of society instead of his own personal face. That he may go out to meet the whole world through the back door and not through the king's door, caring more about the happiness of the 99 sheep often lost in the fog than of the single fat one getting some shut-eye in the fold.

That he may not think that he is God on earth neither the owner of the Church or of the Gospel. That he may be free when it comes to sexual taboos and that he may be convinced that the Spirit of God is also present in women as in men. That he may never doubt that concerning the grave questions which are being asked in today's world the Spirit is capable of inspiring the consciences as brilliantly as any of the best encyclicals.

I expect from him that in the worst collapses he may keep his eyes fixed on the Resurrection and that he never stops confirming us in the faith that life will always end up by winning over our deaths and our stupidities.

Finally, that he may live in a way that when he passes away (maybe murdered by his entourage) we speak little of him and much more about Jesus whose only humble witness he will have been.


Eloy Roy

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