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It's our daily obligation to give you thanks, Father God,

for the nature you have given us with the creaation that accompanies us.

Our minds aren't capable of understanding you.

We have a long history full of false gods,

which we have created confusing them with you.

We have insisted on making you like us, mercenary,

a fearsome, even an avenging judge rather than just,

we have placed you on a cloud, keeping you at a distance.

How mistaken we are, for you are pure goodness and love,

very near to us, understanding, generous without limits,

the best of dearest mothers and fathers.

The title of all-powerful does not define you properly

although we call you by this name in our prayers.

You have so much power to create the universe

but it is only love that moves you when you give us your life.

Thank you, our God, united with all those who believe in You,

but in the name of all human beings,

we recite this hymn of thanksgiving in your honour.


Memorial of the Lord's Supper

Now we want to thank you, holy Father,

for the privilege of counting amongst human beings,

your son, Jesus, the son of man, our model and guide.

We cannot fail to be surprised by his wonderful parables,

that describe you as an incredibly generous and accessible God,

whom we can address with familiarity.

You did the right thing when you trusted him to implement your Kingdom.

His dedication to this mission was total,

he cured the blindness of all those who searched for you

and he cured the deafness of all those who wanted to hear you.

He was, like You, a friend of the poor, of the sick,

the defending lawyer of all who suffered injustice.

He showed them all his solidarity

and defended their cause up to the point of his death.


Invocation to the Spirit of God

Lord, renew our entrails, shake us up,

so we dare to sally out from our passive comfort

because we do very little and we have to do a lot more

for so many people who die of hunger every day.

Their tragedy is harrowing, desperate,

although we hardly hear their cries from within our bubble.

Holy Father, send your Spirit over the whole of humanity.

We need it urgently. Today more than ever,

as we have distanced ourselves from your project of world.

We must assume our direct responsibility,

that concerns us all, and take drastic measures,

not just accept that we appear to be good people.

We have to go a lot further than the law and customs.

We can count on your help and join our effort

to that of all men and women of goodwill.

Surrounded by so many good brothers, united to Jesus,

all loving God, we entreat your paternal blessing.



Rafael Calvo

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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