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We present our petitions to the Lord, so that he may liberate us from living egocentrically in ourselves and our families, opening our hearts to the world.

So that those of us who participate in your eucharist may realise our responsbility for feeding our brothers,

Open our hearts

So that we may be freed from wanting to consume and own, as a fruit of the empathy with so many brothers who are hungry. .

Open our hearts

Father, give us entrails of mercy and proximity of heart so we can work out how each one of us can help those who live near us.

Open our hearts

So that we may live dedicated to the improvement of this world and may your message strenghen us and dynamise us to make the right decisions.

Open our hearts

So that politicians, believers and all people of goodwill place all their interest in achieving a better distribution of the goods of the world.

Open our hearts

You, good Father God, who know our good intentions and our rather shaky hearts, receive our wishes and make us each day more fraternal with other human beings. Amen


Mari Patxi Ayerra

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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