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Thank you, Father, because you instill confidence in us

and we know that we can face the temptations

that await us at every step,

like those of an excessive consumerism that blinds us,

and hides better values from us,

or the temptation of dominating others,

of making use of them,

forgetting the unequalled satisfaction

of feeling ouselves useful and gifting happiness.

We would like to overcome our weaknesses

and dedicate ourselves with the strength of your spirit

to fight the injustice

that unfortunately

is suffered by the greater part of humanity.

We invoke your help, Father God

whilst we bless your name.


Memorial of the Lord's Supper


Words fail us to show you our gratitude,

our Lord and Father, for having given us your son, Jesus,

who throoughout his life,

doing good, loving people,

was making you more visible

and revealing to us that you are a good God.

Jesus didn't improvise his message or his life,

he first spent time in the desert.

There, he heard your voice and thought things over,

and made your project for the world, his own.

In prayer and silence he became filled with your spirit and grew in strength

to face and overcome the difficulties that awaited him.

We remember with love and great respect

the whole life of Jesus, who reduced his efforts

and risked his life to spead your message

up to the point that he finally suffered for it in a most unjust death.

Thank you, holy Father, for such an exemplary and heroic life.


Invocation to the Spirit of God


Fill us with your Spirit, our Father who dwells in us,

we need it to overcome our inclination towards evil.

We would like to have a firm will for conversion,

starting by deepening our innermost life,

spending more time in meditation and in more intimate prayer,

overcoming our exccessive desire for our own wellbeing,

avoiding any abuse of the goodness of others

and giving prime importance to the happiness

of those who live with us

and those others who live far away but are forgotten by everyone.

We ask you humbly to open our ears

to hear your voice in our innermost self.

Turn off so much noise that surrounds us and doesn't let us hear you.

You are the most important fact of our life

and we hardly have any time for You.

Thank you, Father, because our deceased family members and friends

now enjoy your company.

We join with them and in the name of your son, Jesus,

we want to offer you our greatest loyalty.



Rafael Calvo

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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