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Oh Father-Mother God of all of us,

we address you this prayer to thank you and bless you

because you are our fountain of life and hope.

From You, love, strength and a desire for living, gush forth.

You are infinite goodness

and animate us to love our friends and enemies.

You are not a God who likes dwelling in great temples,

but you want to be venerated in spirit and truth

and you prefer an intimate and personal prayer

to the most solemn rite.

It is our greatest pride to have a God like You.

We have a duty and want to announce loud and clear

that your love and mercy know no limits,

that your name is holy and blessed, Father God.

Thank you, Lord, we want to respond to so much love,

but we know that the only thing you want from us

is that we respect and keep on good terms with each other.

With humility and with much love we dedicate this hymn to you.


Memorial of the Lord's Supper


May you be blessed, Father God, for your Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth,

whom we follow as our only leader

and whom we love as a friend and brother.

Thank you for your messenger. Through his life and his word

you have revealed yourself to humanity.

Jesis has taught us to share loaves and fishes,

to dedicate our time to others,

to listen and attend to their problems.

By him we have learnt,

although afterwards we have often forgotten,

that it is important to be faithful to one's own conscience,

that men and women are worth more than the sabbath and the law.

Jesus has meant our personal liberation,

to live your faith in liberty, to feel ourselves sons and not servants.

The eucharist must not become a mere rite, a pure farse.

Jesus merits that we really follow in his foosteps.


Invocation to the Spirit of God


The memory of the life of Jesus moves us

to become other Christs and spread his liberating message.

Inspire us, Father, we need your spirit, your strength,

to carry out our responsibilities efficiently.

Help us to be faithful witnesses of yours

and true followers of Jesus,

becoming the salt that makes wholesome and tasty

the life of our brothers,

becoming the light which illuminates the paths leading to You.

May we not be content with waiting

for others to build your Kingdom.

Working for the good health and dignity of all people,

especially those who are poorest, would be an unmistakeable sign

that we can feel ourselves truly christians.

Finally, we ask you, Father God,

that your Spirit, Love, seeps into our deepest being

and drives us to follow the footsteps of your son Jesus.



Rafael Calvo

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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