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Many people say that in this boat

we're drifting more and more,

that it's very old and scruffy,

that it's failing in safety and its compass bearings,

that it leaks all over the place

and in spite of repairs and propaganda,

its helmsmen upset

those who come near with faith and eagerness.


They say that it only offers words

which limit liberty and grace,

that it ties up hope, in God's name,

announcing itself as a service to mankind;

and it believes itself to be such an image of truth and necessity

that honest and healthy people

end up by letting it go by,

forgetting it or rejecting it.


And although it passes the night struggling against the elements

it doesn't succeed in fishing in the waters where it sails

nor can it compete with other boats

in the fatigues and joys of major hauls.

Before being beached up on the shore,

it can still row out to see and lower the nets,

if it follows your word

but there is a general lack of skill and confidence.


And yet, this boat

so full of misery, so human,

so unattractive and old fashioned,

which few people look at

and which is the butt of laughter and jokes,

is the one that carried us over the Sea of Galilee

and showed us not to fear storms,

and to discover you, calmly, standing on the poop.


This boat which You boarded,

to accompany us and promise us

to be fishermen and enter your crew,

still receives gusts of wind and life

and is, even though we can't understand it,

our home, hearth and family

to sail over the seas of life

with a steady wind without floundering and with a joyful hope.


Florentino Ulibarri

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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