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May those who search for you blindfoldedly,

find you;

may those who doubt not once but a thousand times,

not give up;

may those who get lost on their way,


may those who think they know you and possess you,

continue to search for you.


May those who walk blindfoldedly and alone,

not get lost:

may those who are afraid of the future,

become confident;

may those who don't triumph,


may those who are hungry and thirsty,

become satisfied.


May the great and powerful,

feel themselves vulnerable;

may those for whom life is bitterness,

enjoy your presence and grace;

may those forgotten by everyone

let everyone hear your song;

may we your daughters and sons

never get tired of your gifts.


May those who wish for and search for miracles,

know how to welcome them;

may those who like presuming they are prophets,

accept those of their land;

may those who find they have become lepers,

go down and bathe in a humble river;

may those who have hidden thoughts

not lose their temper with you.


And if you provoke us once again

as you provoked

your fellow countrymen of Nazareth long ago,

give us grace

to understand you and tolerate you now,

and discover,

who you are, in spite of appearances

and of your poor origins.



open your path amongst us

and continue your way

even though we become scandalised!


Florentino Ulibarri

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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