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It is right and good that we give you thanks, Father God.

Blessed be your name,

because we see you and you show youself,

in a perfect epiphany, in the whole of creation,

in all that is good in every human being

and in each corner of beauty and goodness.

All that is good and most beautiful is just a reflection of you.

You have revealed yourself to us equally,

to some poor shepherds of Israel

and to some foreign gentiles.

You make yourself visible to all those who really search for you,

to the simple of heart,

but you hide yourself from important and clever people,

who feel so sure of themselves,

since they possess everything, know everything and don't need you.

We cannot imagine you in the highest of the heavens,

because you are neither up there nor far away,

but right here, inside all your creatures.

Our attempt to enclose you in our temples

is also useless,

because you are there but you are also everywhere else.

We can see you better, we ought to see you best

in all human beings.

Joining ourselves together like brothers with all of them,

we sing this hymn of praise in your honour.


Memorial of the Lord's Supper

Thnak you, Father God,

because you have revealed yourself and you have become visible and near to us

in the beloved person of Jesus of Nazareth.

He has truly been your perfect imitator and messenger,

he has always been faithful to you and he only lived to do good.

As a good son, he has honoured you

and he has represented you on earth.

We canot see you, our God and Lord,

as our vision is very limited,

but your son Jesus has made you incarnate

and he becomes for us your human face.

Seeing how he was interested for others

and how he behaved with them,

we have learnt that you love us,

as only a Father or a Mother can love.

He made it quite clear

that you are not a God of temples and sacrifices

but a God who loves life

and values friendship and solidarity.

Thanks to Jesus, we know what you expect from us.

He left it as written in these signs and words.


Invocation to the Spirit of God

Bread broken and distributed, shared,

blood spilt, life spent totally for others,

these are the symbols that best represent

the life of Jesus, including his death,

and they have to be the watchwords

that guide our own lives.

Send us your spirit, good Father.

Give us a clean heart

so that we can see you and know you,

an honest and simple heart, free of prejudice,

to understand you better.

Open our eyes so that we can see you better

in all good people,

whatever the culture in which they live.

They are your best children,

whether or not they believe in You.

We must learn to be and live like

all the good and simple people.

Allow us, holy Father, that in the name of Jesus,

who is here amongst us,

we raise up to you our poor efforts

as an offering to your greater glory.



Rafael Calvo

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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