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Waiting wide awake, but not tired for lack of sleep

Waiting while you walk, but not overtaking us

Waiting in pregnancy, but not dominating us,

Waiting exposed, but not to any particular wind

Waiting thirsty, but not sterile.


Waiting in the fog, but not lost on this earth,

Waiting with lighted cancles, but not consumed

Waiting offering us, but not selling us

Waiting preparing your way, but not bending us over

Waiting in silence, but singing the encarnate Word.


Waiting in gestation but not aborting.

Waiting welcoming, but not retaining

Waiting giving us, but not claiming

Waiting in silence, not creating a disturbance

Waiting sharing and enjoying.


Waiting even though it is night

and we can see no signs on the horizon.

Waiting at any hour of the day

even though we remain alone and others laugh

Waiting in solitude and in company.


Waiting peacefully, although pinched by our brothers

Waiting desiring, but rocked on your lap.

Waiting looking high, but with feet firmly on the ground.

Waiting refreshing ourselves in your clear and lively springs

Waiting encarnate and now being born in your Kingdom


Waiting in this time of crisis and cutbacks

Waiting with the gospel in the hand

Waiting with those who come and those who go

Waiting enjoying what has been given to us

Waiting living and loving us.


Waiting like Isaiah, living and prophecying,

or like Jeremias, suffering, but full of love,

or like John the Baptist, proclaiming what he has given us

Waiting, so that you do not pass us by,

Waiting, although we do not understand your Holy Spirit


Florentino Ulibarri

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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