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Now there is no novelty in our lives,

nor in the ways of history,

nor in our personal and collective memory.

It is a time for reflection and meditation

about everything we have taken on,

and in the sterile areas of the world

and of our innermost being.


Now your word breaks our plans

and the horizon clouds over and closes down

and on the pathways so many footprints are no longer clear...

It is a time for silence,

to forget sad feelings

to welcome your unusual proposal

and bear witness to the truth.


A time will come when liberty will no longer be a dream,

in which frontiers will disappear

and human beings will be respected

and we will find in the other person, a brother,

on the day that people are no longer classified

by their colour, wealth or race,

nor by their power, religion or social conditiion


A new day will come when truth

will shine and will enligthen all people

and will not need to be protected or explained,

a day which will be different,

full of truths, dreams and projects

so that it looks like the final kingdom

that we are called to create together.


Soon a new day will come, your day, Lord,

since you are the way, truth and life

although new Pilates remain sceptical!


Florentino Ulibarri

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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