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What times are these that have befallen us,

in the street and in the Church,

at home and at work,

so disturbing and hard,

that to withstand them,

we need your word from the gospels.


There are things

that dazzle us before we get to know them,

or which seduce us

at a first glance,

or after a while,

or at sunset,

or during the night

because they have as much glitter and facets

as we have frustrations and needs.

And there are others

that play a game of camuflage

and trick the wayfarers

making us lose our way in debates,



and sterile truths.


But it is harder and sadder

when we find ourselves with persons

of recognised culture, faith and solvency

who, humbly and in your name,

proclaim themselves as servants

but behave like bosses and tyrants

without realising their contradictions,

and cause suffering to their fellows

and betray so many believers...


But you warned us about moments like these:

Be careful and don't allow yourselves to be tricked.

And although they unfold a great paraphernalia,

don't follow them... either to pray or even to drink with them.

Learn from that widow, who is poor

but who left in the collection the money she needed.

Remain firm in my word

and you will have life in abundance.


Florentino Ulibarri

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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