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If I forget love and justice,

I separate myself from you, my God,

and nothing I can do, even though I offer it to you,

can be pleasing to you.

My worship becomes just straw and idolatry.


If I forget your commandment,

to love you with all my being and strength

and to love my neighbour in the same way,

What use to me is my knowledge,

titles and beliefs?


If I forget your tender preferences,

what is the use of everything else?

Where do I place my centre, pole star and goal?

I am lost without remedy,

I'm a hollow and empty person.


Although I make holocausts and sacrifices,

penitence, prayers and submissions,

I won't come any nearer to your mansion.

Only your commandment to love you and love us

is the true safe path.


To believe in you

I need to believe in love and justice,

in your tender preferences.

And it's much more worthwhile to believe in these things

than to pronounce or adore your name with boldness.


Without the love and justice

of your tender preferences,

it is impossible for me, with my history,

even though I call you father and consider myself your son,

to reach your mansion.


Take me on your ways and paths

even though I am very clumsy,

I get lost

or offer resistance


Florentino Ulibarri

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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