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Here I am, Lord

like the blind man on the wayside

- tired, sad, bored,

sweaty and dusty,

lacking clarity and horizon-;

a beggar by need and profession.


Here I am, Lord

in my usual place, begging for alms,

feeling that life, time and my dreams

of childhood are draining away,

but I retain your voice and word.


My eyes are blind to the light.

Habit, sorrow, depression...

Hard scales, that prevent me from seeing you,

have grown on top of them

but on feeling your footsteps,

hearing your unmistakeable voice,

my whole being trembles

as if a spring burst forth within me.


I search for you,

I desire you,

I need you

to cross the streets of my life

and wander along the paths of life

without losing my way.

Ah, what a question you ask!

What does a blind man want other than to see?

Make me see, Lord!


Make me see, Lord, the paths of life

Make me see, Lord, above all, your face,

your eyes,

your heart!


Florentino Ulibarri

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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