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Our hearts rejoice in blessing your name, holy Father

and showing you our sincere thanks.

Although we are hardly able to distinguish your shadow,

we feel you as a God close to us, good and understanding.

Many of us have respected you from our childhood

but we want our faith in You to grow and mature

and for it to accompany us throughout our lives.

We confess that you are the good God of all humanity,

the Father of all human beings, believers and non-believers.

You love all your children in the same way

and you don't have any preference for any religion or culture.

We join our voices to all our brothers

to sing in your honour this hymn of praise.


Memorial of the Lord's Supper

Truly it is right to give you thanks, holy Father,

because you have left your footprint in the person of Jesus

and, throughout his life, he has revealed you to humanity.

We have heard your voice, that reaches us as the echo of your words,

and we have felt ourselves called to follow your footsteps.

You have shown us the way to become fully human,

and you have told us that the only way we can thank you for your love

is by taking care of and looking after the poorest people,

that we cannot love you if we don't serve our brothers,

that it is useless to say to you 'Lord, Lord', without first obtaining forgiveness.

We trust in the words of Jesus, we believe in his message,

that it is our faith, our vocation for being his followers,

Jesus has already travelled the path, he went first

and he has shared with us his personal experience.


Invocation to the Spirit of God

Infuse in us, good Father, your spirit

to transform us and revolutionise us from within

so we may be consequent with the faith that we profess for you.

Thank you for inspiring us with confidence and hope in You.

We feel truly fortunate

to belong to the followers of Jesus.

But we know, Father God, that we must imitate you

and place our whole being in the service of others.

We want the Church that all christians form part of

to be the first to radiate Jesus's life style

and may we give an example of austerity and self-giving to the world.

Help us to bear witness to the love you have for us.

Remember, Father, all our deceased brothers and sisters,

bring them to the peace of your breast.

As Jesus taught us, united closely with him

and with the strength of your spirit,

we want to invoke your holy name

and offer your our since recognition now and forever.



Rafael Calvo

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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