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And at the end of several years, more or less time,

after a good dosis

of adventures and deceptions,

we find ourselves again face to face,

because we desire and still dream of

the Master who looks at us with love

even though we do not follow his path.


And it is because of his four words

so clear, simple and commanding

- see, sell, give, follow me -

that have remained tattooed in our soul

and we haven't been able to forget them

in spite of all the noise and of all the other dreams and years

after so many different stages of life.


We return, we draw near, we dream

and the Master, who is not accustomed to change,

regards us with a strong hope,

and presents us once again with his alternative

that goes against the grain of our modern culture:

sell, give, don't store up, empty yourselves...

and continue to forget to be heroes.


We bear so many wounds and scars already

that, reluctantly,

we give him credit and we accept him.

And, finally, we begin to live old age,

in spite of our losses and reduced facilities,

as a way of life in plenitude,

trusting completely in his proposal.


And the truth is that, according to the wisdom of the gospels,

He didn't save us by his power and strength,

but by emptying himself and by his poverty.

So, in this moment of decrepitude,

we hand over to Him our steering wheel and our compass,

our road map and our questions,

to see fulfilled our dream and his promise.


Today, Lord, you call us

and we don't put up any resistance.


Florentino Ulibarri

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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