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We thank you whole-heartedly, Lord God,

because you have accompanied us all the days of our life

with the warmth of your paternal and maternal presence,

without interfering with our liberty,

but encouraging us, always infusing in us strength and life.

Tbank you, Lord, for everything you have done for humanity.

You are our common Father and Mother, we are your great family,

we feel ourselves to be brothers of all the beings created by You.

For You we are all equal, equally loved.

Therefore, all together, in our brotherhood,

we want to show you our fillial affection,

with this hymn of thanksgiving.


Memorial of the Lord's Supper

We give you thanks, many thanks, for Jesus of Nazareht,

your first born son and the honour of humanity.

We are content that he forms part of our great family.

They called him by the name of Jesus, Joshua,

which means "Yahveh is salvation",

a blessed and well-earned name

because, by his message and his example,

we have found our salvation in You

and we feel we have been liberated, we are free.

Now we want to thank you

for all the relatives who looked after Jesus

especially Mary and Joseph, his exemplary parents,

who educated him in your love and your good habits.

They moulded the compassionate heart of Jesus,

they taught him to pray and they infused in him a spirit that was both free

but dedicated to the cause of your Kingdom.

Jesus soon learnt to identify himself with you.

He felt you deep inside him and he called you 'Abba',

beause he simply felt that he was your very dear son.

From his personal and intimate experience

was born his testimony that can be summarised in revealing to us

that you are a good Father.


Invocation to the Spirit of God

On this occasion, holy Father,

we ask you for a special blessing for all families,

so that in each situation throughout our lives,

whether we are children, brothers, spouses, parents or grandparents,

we each help each other, in the ambit of the family,

to develop our human potential

and learn to look and interest ourselves in the wellbeing of others.

We ask you also for the whole christian community.

Make us conscious that by being heirs of Jesus

and considering ourselves to be truly a part of his family,

we must love everyone as brothers,

and help each other to grow in your love.

We also want to thank you, Lord,

for our deceased family members and friends,

that you have welcomed in your maternal breast.

Together with the great family of human beings,

and in the name of your son Jesus,

we want to raise to you our best prayer,

the one which begins by invoking you as a Father

and ends asking for you to protect us from all evil.



Rafael Calvo

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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