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You invent facts,

history, stories,

contingencies and coincidences

to justify your clumsy beliefs.


You ask questions in public

not to clarify your ideas

but to show how clever you are

and embarrass other people.


You dream absurdities

you love laughter and easy victories

you're not interested in the Good News

and you want solutions for all your ideas.


That's tipycal of men and women:

You are always putting me to the test

instead of falling in love with me and making me love you

which is what I desire and what I like.


How you like to complicate life

and change my proposals

by maintaining the privileges

that you have usurped from others!




Like the air, we need you.

Like fire, you bring warmth to our homes.

Like the earth, you can be moulded.

Like the waters of a river, you shout and babble.

Like the flowers, you have a thousand colours and scents.

Like the light, you brighten the pathway.

Like the wind, you blow us the gospel.

Like the fields, you are the place for cultivation and service.

Like salt, you add seasoning to the world.

Like the grain of wheat...

you are not the same as what you will become.


May the Lord, who was a little one like you,

bless you with his heart, word and hand,

so you become everything that is expected of you

without ceasing to be air, fire, earth, water,

flowers, light, wind, field, salt

and grain...

human persons always, whether small or great,

for those who love you.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Florentino Ulibarri

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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