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Really it is our obligation and our most urgent desire

to bless your name and glorify you, Father God,

because you are the only God,

the creator of the universe,

the God of all creatures,

who is venerated by all the religions of the universe.

Thank you, Father, for loving us all

infinitely and equally,

because you make no distinctions between rich and poor,

nor between those in power

or ordinary people.

We want all humanity

to recognise you as its unique and good God

and to bless you with affection for this reason.

Now, in the name of all human beings,

we sing this hymn of glory in your honour.


Memorial of the Lord's Supper


We bless you once again, Father and Mother of us all,

because you have freely given us the prophetic word of Jesus

and his experience of life, a faithful reflection of your Spirit.

We believe in Jesus,

in our hearts we accept his teaching.

But thanks to him we know that our only sign of identity

is to make sure no one suffers hardships

and everyone can be fully and happily human.

Now we see that it is not sufficient to call ourselves christian,

to belong to the group of disciples of Jesus

because the only valid passport

that serves equally for believers, agnostics or atheists

is our dedication to fulfill the lives of others with justice and dignity.

Jesus, the paragon of excellence,

asked us to do what he did,

to give ourselves to others without any reservations.


Invocation to the Spirit of God

We remember the life of your son Jesus, that we want to imitate,

we are sorry for his cruel death, a paradigm of injustice,

and we are glad that now he lives in you, in complete happiness.

Father God, pour forth your Spirit, we want to work together

with all people of good will

to make a world of equality, justice and solidarity.

Truly, it is a huge task that is beyond us

because we persist in creating poverty

and marginalising, setting up barriers and separating our brothers.

We create ghettoes of deprived people

when we do not expel them from our country.

We have to support peace and understanding

where there is conflict and war

and ensure that love and equality reigns in this world.

Give us a heart as large as that of Jesus,

that we can generously open to all humanity

and make us feel truly fraternal,

brothers of all our brothers.

Now we are going to pray the prayer Jesus taught us

and we will call you as Father, our Father and Father of everyone,

with no exclusions.

We want to present you, Lord,

our permanent homage of gratitude.



Rafael Calvo

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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