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We are going to share

the hugs and kisses that surge up in this moment,

the joys experienced on the way,

this free and luxuriant nature

and the beats of our wounded heart.


We are going to share

the little that we manage to understand,

our failed attempts to escape from the maze

and the fears accumulated from all time.


We are going to share

the drafts of our unaccomplished projects,

the clamour of the shouts and silence,

our most intimate stammers and sighs

and the perspirations of our body.


We are going to share

the word that is born in our innermost self,

that which comes to us from above like the frost,

that which surges from uncertain springs

and which when it reaches us, wells up

inside us until it overflows.


We are going to share

the time for poems and songs,

for dance and for the sacred word;

the wisdom accumulated over the years

and the buds that remain from childhood.


We are going to share

the lessons learned in this fraternal space,

the warmth of a family home,

the networks for our team work

and the bundles of all our dreams.


We are going to share

what appear to be crazy intuitions,

our few and unsure truths,

the pathways and falls at the start

and the log cabins that protect us.


We are going to share

our latest and final words,

inklings of a superior wisdom,

our inexperienced reasoning,

proclaiming categorical or absolute truths;

only the twilight of the faith and science,

of charity and hope,

of poverty and grace,

of human merriment and laughter.


And so on, Lord, we are and we continue to bring forth

sons, brothers, Church,

sharing it all together.


Florentino Ulibarri

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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