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It is our duty; our God and Father,

to offer you this homage of gratitude.

We thank you for the message of liberation and authenticity

that you sent us through your son Jesus.

Thank you for granting us self-confidence.

With your help we can oppose

the spirit of the money god that dominates our society

and embodies the injustices and starvation

that unfortunately the greater part of humanity suffers.

We want to make the world a better place

and together with those who fight for happiness for everyone,

we call for your help and bless your name.


Memorial of the Lord's Supper


You are blessed, Father, for Jesus, your good son

who always lived closely united to you

while he totally dedicated his life to others.

Thank you, once more, holy Father,

for so many things that Jesus taught us in his preaching.

He showed us the danger of being fond of riches,

diverting our attention from what is really important

and making us unconscious of the misfortunes of others.

But, furthermore, he practiced what he preached and lived austerely,

always near the poor and rejected members of society.

He took care of the oppressed, of all those who suffer

and made his badge the building of the kingdom,

to make humanity a single big family of brothers.

He showed us the way that leads to true happiness

and lost no effort in proclaiming his message of liberation,

until he died a most unjust death.


Invocation to the Spirit of God


Bless you, Farther, for Jesus, our adviser and friend,

who now lives happily in your company.

We know how far we have to go to make your project a success,

we succumb to ambition and corruption,

we have as much of a consumer mentality as we can afford;

we have closed the doors and windows of our homes

so as not to hear the cries of those who are dying of hunger.

But we want to imitate Jesus, follow his teachings,

that invite us to adopt a personal austerity,

and take care of our brothers in most need.

Send us your spirit, free us from the slavery of money,

so we learn to share it,

by using it to make others happy.

May our church, to which all Christians belong.

become a true place of honesty and justice,

a model of simplicity and an example of generous solidarity.

With your help, Lord, we want to irradiate

that lifestyle that Jesus showed us

so that all human beings enjoy

here on earth and for ever the happiness of your kingdom.



Rafael Calvo

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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