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May the deaf stop being deaf,

may they throroughly clean out their ears

and go out to the streets and the ways

and dare to listen to all they have to hear:

the cries and the weeping, the petitions and the silence

of the people who cannot endure their situation.


May the dumb start talking

and speak clearly and freely

in this confused and closed society,

may they remove their fears and muzzles

and dare to pronounce the words

that everyone has the right to hear:

the words that give name, are understandable and do not deceive!


Give us atttentive ears and free our tongues!


Let no one stop hearing the voices of those who have been silenced,

nor remain without speech in the presence of so many who have been struck dumb.

Become the eardrums for those who cannot hear,

express words of life for those who cannot speak,

microphones and loud speakers without filters or fetters

to pronounce words of life and whisper hope,

to all those who journey and search.

May the deaf hear and the dumb speak!


Break down the barriers

of human incomunication

in individuals, families, peoples and cultures.

May we all benefit from a clear and carrying voice

and become hearers of the Word in words.

May we build up solid networks

for dialogue, meeting with others and growth

in diversity and tolerance.


Give us atttentive ears and free our tongues!


Let us stop being tongue-tied

and may the inspired Word be spoken from our mouth,

May our ears be opened to receive

the saving Word, already spoken

in our most innermost selves.

May the miracle take place in our senses

so that our human condition

recovers dignity and hope.


For shouts and supplications,

for songs and praise,

for music and silence,

for monologue and dialogue,

for breeze and wind,

to listen to and pronounce your words

here and now, in this incommunicated society,

You who make the deaf hear and the dumb speak...


Give us attentive ears and free our tongues!


Florentino Ulibarri

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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