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Our Father who is in heaven, on earth,

in the whole of the universe and in every and each one of us.

We prasie you and thank you, our God and Lord,

because you are a perpetual fountain and spring of life.

Thank you, Lord of life, because you are good,

and you give us life, you protect us and support us.

We live in you and by you. Thank you, bless you, Father God,

because you don't need other temples to live in,

since we are your preferred temple.

Today, words get in our way, we want to feel you inside us.

On behalf of all humanity, we bless you

and recite in your honour this hymn of praise.


Memorial of the Lord's Supper


Thank you, God and Father,

because you have shown us yourself in your son Jesus,

and we know wour will by his words and actions.

By him we know, Lord

that you don't want sacrifices or routine prayers

but a practical and effective love for others.

We must keep watch to maintain love between us

and guarantee to each and everyone our faithful and loyal friendship

and above all, our greatest concern

must be to look after our most needy neighbours.

Jesus has shown us the way by his example,

since he was coherent with what he proclaimed

and dedicated his life

to transmit your message of life.

He was condemned to die on a cross in an unjust trial

but he had taught us that his body like ours was your temple,

and, thus, resisted death.

We affectionately remember his farewell,

his testament.


Invocation to the Spirit of God


We give thanks for the sacrifice of Jesus that

lead to his death,

and we place our trust in your infinite love.

We want Jesus to accompany us on our way towards you.

You are not a God that is pleased with sacrifices and prayers,

you are a God of life and you love us when we share our lives,

making other people cheerful,

helping them always to the best of our ability,

attending the most needy,

resolving their many problems.

We know you do not like

large temples or ostentatious ceremonies

but heartfelt simplicity and austerity.

Therefore, we want to offer you a liturgy

devoid of artifice but homely,

and communicate with you in an intimate and sensitive prayer.

Bless, Lord, your church

so that it portrays the message of the gospels

in its organization, celebrations and works.

Thank you again, good Father,

because our deceased family members already enjoy your peace.

We now join with Jesus your son

and in the company of all persons of goodwill,

we want to bless your holy name, now and forever.



Rafael Calvo

Traducción de Hugo Castelli

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