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Yes, now, Lord.

Now I know how to listen to your friendly voice,

and I believe what I hear

in spite of my prejudice and clumsy decisions.


I've been such a long time carrying a heavy load

with my backpack on my back,

feeling exhausted from my first steps,

sweating like a pig,

without even being able to raise my sight,

doubled up and sad---

thinking I was following in your footsteps!


But you've woken me up

from the false sleep of responsability.

You've unloaded from my backack

unnecessary safeguards and false requirements,

and you've told me in a friendly way,

to travel light.


And then, you whispered that:

compulsory rules and regulations

and an external and empty ritual

bind the body and the spirit

and weigh too much for the way.

I want free and clean hearts.


Yes, now, Lord.

Now I know how to listen to your friendly voice

and its echo on the horizon,

and I'm learning how to lighten my shoulder,

and walk upright

and enjoy your company.


Yes, now, Lord,

whether I'm walking or resting,

I feel you at my side,

and my life doesn't weigh any more

even when I follow your footsteps.


Florentino Ulibarri

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