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The words of the politicians

are full of all kinds of promises

and, although they can be very eloquent

and create a wide echo,

once the campaign is over,

the wind blows them away,

since they are tested empty words

which mask abject personal ambitions.

You truly have words of life.


Advertising words

rarely tell us the truth.

They are coined to seduce us

and drive us on a spending spree.

They bombard our senses

with cunning and obsession.

They are delusive and deceiptful words

designed to triump on the battlefield.

You truly have words of life.


The words of preachers,

- priests, bishops and all kinds of clerics-

have ceased to surprise us,

since they have been domesticated by the time they reach us

with so many explanations and interpretations.

Their sacred theological words

neither liberate us nor make our lives happy;

they are more likely to perplex and confuse us.

You truly have words of life.


The words of the media

-the press, radio, television and internet-

saturate, on a daily basis,

our horizons, our hours and our minds;

there are so many and so diverse aspects to satisfy

curiosity, morbo and polemics,

that spread falsehoods instead of informing

and which do not calm our thirst for truth.

You truly have words of life.


There are people who use words

to flatter our ears,

to hide their interests,

to keep us ignorant,

to cement their authority,

to falsify history,

to camouflage lies

to create barriers.

You truly have words of life.


And we need you, Lord


Florentino Ulibarri

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