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We address you our God and Father

humbly but with confidence,

with the recommendation of your son Jesus..

We want to be conscious

of the transcendence of our words,

because, whilst we recognise our infinite insufficiency,

we believe you really listen to us.

The first thing we want to tell you, Lord

is to thank you for the life

you have given us and which we enjoy,

We know you love us

more than our mind is capable of undertanding.

Thank you , Father.

And, although you do not need our praise,

we want to show you our love and gratitude

with this song of blessing

that all your sons sing together.


Memorial of the Lord's Supper

Truly it's right and fitting to give you


because you have given us as a brother and guide,

Jesus of Nazareth.

We are gathered together, like so many other sundays,

around a table

and we want tobe fully conscious of the true meaning.

We are not expecting at this moment, any miracle.

No one is going to pronounce magical words.

We are just remembering the last supper

that Jesus celebrated with his friends.

When he tried to teach them

how to abandon themselves in the service of others,

he left them a very expressive image, easy to reproduce,

that of a loaf broken up

and shared in portions for each one of his friends

or of a cup of wine from which they all drank.


Invocation to the Spirit of God

Jesus was not a man of rituals.

When he said "do this in memory of me",

he did not want to institute any religious act,

but just to invite us to imitate his dedication to others..

This is the meaning of what we have just done.

Jesus wants us to remember his life, until his death,

dedicating to the service of others

all that we are, our lives.

Celebrating the eucharist, incites us to make ourselves

promoters of unity and harmony

amongst ouur brothers.

We promise that this is going to be

our principal objective in life.

Father God, you who are in heaven and in all of us,

we tnank you, once more,

for your continued support

for all men of goodwill.

Blessed are you, holy father, we want to honour you

as best as we can

and thank you that Jesus

has played a part in our history.

Through him and with you,

with pride, we pledge ourselves in your honour.



Rafael Calvo

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