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Modern exegesis leaves no room for doubt. What’s first for Jesus is life, nor religion. It suffices to analyze the trajectory of his activity. He is always seen concerned about raising up and developing, in the middle of that society, a healthier and more dignified life.

Let us think about the way he acts in the world of the sick: Jesus draws near to those who live their life diminished, threatened or insecure, in order to awaken in them a fuller life. Let us think about him drawing near to sinners: Jesus offers them the forgiveness that makes them live a more dignified life, rescued from humiliation and rejection. Let us think also about those possessed by demons, unable to be masters of their existence: Jesus frees them from a life that is alienated and upset by evil.

As Jon Sobrino has emphasized, the poor are those for whom life is a heavy burden, since they can’t live with the least dignity. This poverty is what’s most contrary to the original plan of the Creator of life. Where a human being can’t live with dignity, there God’s creation appears corrupted and nullified.

That’s why Jesus was so concerned about the concrete life of the peasants of Galilee. The main thing such people needed is to live, and to live with dignity. It’s not the final goal, but it’s right now the most urgent. Jesus invites them to trust in the final salvation of the Father, but he does it by saving the people from sickness and relieving illness and suffering. He announces to them the definitive happiness in God’s bosom, but he does it by introducing dignity, peace and joy into this world.

Sometime we Christians explain faith with such a muddle of concepts and words that at the hour of truth, few understand what exactly is God’s reign of which Jesus speaks. However things aren’t so complicated. The only thing that God wants is this: a more human life for all and starting now, a life that reaches its fullness in eternal life. That’s why we never should give to any Caesar what is God’s: life and the dignity of God’s children.


José Antonio Pagola

Translator: Fr. Jay VonHandorf

Publicado en www.gruposdejesus.com

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