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It’s not easy to believe in Jesus. Some feel themselves attracted by his words. For others, on the other hand, there arise quite a few doubts. Is it reasonable to follow Jesus or is it crazy? Today the same thing goes on: is it worth it to commit ourselves to his project of humanizing life or is it more practical to busy ourselves each with our own welfare? Meanwhile life can pass us by without making any decision whatsoever.

Jesus tells two short parables. In both stories, the given protagonist meets with an enormously valuable treasure or a pearl of incalculable price. Both react in the same manner: sell all they have and get the treasure or the pearl. It’s undoubtedly the most sensible and reasonable thing.

God’s reign is «hidden». Many haven’t yet discovered the great project that God has for a new world. However it’s not an inaccessible mystery. It’s «hidden» in Jesus, in his life and in his message. A Christian community that hasn’t discovered God’s reign doesn’t know Jesus very well, can’t follow his footsteps.

The discovery of God’s reign changes the life of those who discover it. Their «joy» is unmistakable. They’ve found what’s essential, what’s best of Jesus, what can transform their life. If we Christians don’t discover Jesus’ project, there won’t be joy in the Church.

The two protagonists in the parables make the same decision: «sell all they have». Nothing is more important than «seeking God’s reign and God’s justice». Everything else comes afterwards, is relative, and must be subordinated to God’s project.

This is the most important decision we have to make in the Church and in our Christian communities: free ourselves from so many accidental things in order to commit ourselves to God’s reign. Let go of what’s superfluous. Forget other interests. Know how to «lose» in order to «gain» in authenticity. If we do it, we are collaborating in the conversion of the Church.


José Antonio Pagola

Translator: Fr. Jay VonHandorf

Publicado en www.gruposdejesus.com

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