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Throughout the centuries, theologians have undertaken a great effort to come close to God's mystery, formulating with different conceptual constructions the relationships that bind and differentiate the divine Persons in the bosom of the Trinity. An effort undoubtedly legitimate, born of love and the desire for God.

Jesus however doesn't follow that path. From his own experience of God, he invites his followers to relate themselves confidently with God the Father, to faithfully follow God's steps in the Son of God incarnate, and to allow ourselves to be guided and encouraged by the Holy Spirit. In this way he teaches us to open ourselves to the holy mystery of God.

Above all, Jesus invites his followers to live as sons and daughters of a God who is near; one who is good and dear, one whom all of us can invoke as beloved Father. What characterizes this Father isn't power and force, but goodness and infinite compassion. No one is alone. We all have a God as Father who understands us, loves us and forgives us as no one else does.

Jesus describes for us that this Father has a project born out of the heart: to build with all God's sons and daughters a world that is more human and fraternal, more just and more in solidarity. Jesus calls it «God's reign», and invites all to enter into that project of the Father, seeking a life that is more just and worthy for all, beginning with God's children who are most poor, defenseless and in need.

At the same time, Jesus invites his followers to trust also in him: «Don't let your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me». He is God's Son, the living image of his Father. His words and his actions describe for us how the Father of all loves us. That's why he invites all to follow him. He will teach us to live with confidence and docility to serve the Father's project.

With his group of followers, Jesus wants to form a new family where all seek «to fulfill the will of the Father». This is the inheritance that he wants to leave in the world: a movement of brothers and sisters at the service of the smallest and most in need. That family will be symbol and seed of the new world desired by the Father.

To do this they need to welcome the Spirit that the Father breathes, and to welcome the Son Jesus: «You will receive the power of the Holy Spirit, who will come over you, and thus you will be my witnesses». This Spirit is the love of God, the breath that the Father and the Son Jesus share, the power, drive and vital energy that will make Jesus' followers his witnesses and co-workers in service of the great project of the Holy Trinity.


José Antonio Pagola

 Translator: Fr. Jay VonHandorf

Publicado en www.gruposdejesus.com

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